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Music Education Hums with Potential

Seven years ago, Merlyn Fernandez noticed that her 6-year-old son, Rafael, was having trouble focusing in school. A music lover, she decided to sign him up for piano lessons so he could work on his concentration, hoping that this outlet would provide discipline as well as fun. “It was a miracle to see the benefits…more than I could have expected,” she says. “He learned that he could achieve something if he tried.” Rafael’s self-assurance quickly developed, as did his performance level, through the combination of private lessons and his participation with the Metropolitan Area Youth... 

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Multilingual Families

Read Why Three Families Value Multiple Language Skills Chances are that a child will never grow up and say, “I really regret that my parents made me learn a second language.” In fact, grown children will likely be thankful that they were encouraged to learn multiple languages at a time in their life when it was easiest for them to master linguistic skills. According to recent research, the earlier a new language is introduced in a child’s life, the easier it is for that child to attain native-like proficiency. Economic, social, and educational benefits are just a few of the reasons why children... 

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When is it Time for a Tutor?

As a parent, do you find it frustrating to watch your child struggle academically and gradually lose confidence?  Maybe a tutor is the answer…someone suited to help your child achieve better grades and assist in rebuilding his/her self-esteem. Once you decide to seek help, finding the tutor with the right qualifications to fit your child’s exact needs may prove to be a challenge. Here are some practical tips when it comes to ensuring a successful and satisfying tutoring experience for you and your struggling student. Signs of Trouble Parents should be on the lookout for some specific signs... 

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